Former Rhodesian SAS Pay Respects

Posted on 2015

The Rhodesian Special Air Service was formed in 1951 during the Malayan Emergency (1948-1960). The unit comprised men from Southern Rhodesia who volunteered to serve in Malaya. Initially known as ‘The Far Eastern Volunteer Group’ and later as the ‘Malayan Scouts’, they became C Squadron of the of the British SAS. At the conclusion of their tour of duty in 1953 the men returned to Southern Rhodesia and the unit was disbanded.

The unit was reformed in 1961 as ‘C Squadron (Rhodesian) SAS and in June 1978 became 1 (Rhodesian) Special Air Service Regiment. The unit was disbanded on 31 December 1980 following Rhodesia’s transition to black majority rule and the country becoming Zimbabwe.

Former members of the Rhodesian SAS were guests of the Australian SAS Association (WA Branch) and visited the SAS Historical Collection on 30 March 2015. As a mark of respect for their brothers in arms the Rhodesian SAS men laid a wreath to the fallen in the SASR Garden of Reflection.