SASR Golden Jubilee Rose

Posted 2014

Mr Peter Nosow, the proprietor of Landsdale Rose Gardens Perth WA, has propagated a gold-coloured rose to commemorate the SASR Golden Jubilee.

Peter is renowned for having propagated roses for various charities including: the Slim Dusty Foundation; the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre Appeal; Silver Chain Nursing Association (Incorporated); and beyondblue. In 2013 Peter received the Mountain Health Retreat Slim Dusty Community Mateship Award for his wide-ranging community involvement.

The gold colour was selected for the anniversary occasion it represents and the rose has been named the Special Air Service Regiment Golden Jubilee Rose. The rose was officially released in March 2014 at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.

The SASR Golden Jubilee Rose will be available for purchase:

From April 2014 in WA as a potted rose.

From June through August 2014 in other locations as a limited release bare roots bush.

From mid- September 2014 in all locations as a potted rose.

The SASR Golden Jubilee Rose will be available through Bunnings outlets in NSW, VIC, SA and WA and through the following nurseries:

Landsdale Rose Nurseries WA; Treloar Roses VIC; Rankin’s Roses VIC; Nieuwesteeg Roses VIC; Monbulk Rose Farm VIC; Knight’s Roses SA; Corporate Roses SA; Swane’s Nurseries NSW; and Roses and Friends NSW.

Part proceeds from the sale of this rose will be donated to the SAS Resources Fund.

For further information about supply contact Landsdale Rose Nurseries