SAS Artworks by Bob Dikkenberg "Dikko

Staff Sergeant Rene Dikkenberg joined the Australian Army in 1971 as a cartographer, a job that took him to many diverse places including the remote jungles of New Guinea where he worked with cannibals. He has the Australian Service Medal. For the past 26 years he has also been the cartoonist for the Army News under the pen name of Dikko. He claims that if it’s a good cartoon he’ll take credit for it but blames that “Dikko” bloke for all the bad ones. He adds “That means Dikko draws most of them.”

He also wrote 20 plays for radio, did outside sports broadcasts, illustrates books and writes poetry. He has had many published, one of his poems can be found in the book “Silent Voices” the Story of the 10th Battalion.

He has been awarded the Australia Day Medallion, a commendation from the Assistant Chief of Army, two Divisional Commander Commendations, the Divisional Commander’s Medallion and seven other minor awards.

Dikko's artworks include,

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