SAS Artworks by David Manning

David has had a passion for military vehicles since he was a child. Born in the UK, he spent his late childhood, teens and twenties in central and southern Africa. There he became fascinated with the home-grown vehicle designs which emerged to combat the landmine and ambush threats of the regional guerrilla wars. These pioneering designs form the basis of Mine and Ambush Protected (MAP) vehicles now serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Although now retired, David worked in Superannuation all his working life. He was a guest speaker at national and international conferences, and was the author of numerous articles and three technical books on planning for retirement. When contemplating what he wanted to do in his own retirement, he decided to take up drawing as a hobby, despite never having had a formal lesson. Because of his interest in military and emergency services vehicles, they became the preferred subjects of his highly detailed sketches.

David's artworks include,

  • The Mother Ship

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