SAS Artworks by Ian Coate

Ian Coate is a military artist and freelance illustrator. He joined the Royal Australian Survey Corps in 1988 and was trained as a military illustrator and photographer. In the mid-1990s, Ian left the army to pursue a career as an artist/illustrator. Since then, Ian has produced an endless variety of illustrations for magazines and books. His military artworks are on display at museums around Australia, while his prints are exhibited by collectors worldwide.

Ian's artworks include,

  • SAS - Moment of Contact
  • The Australian SAS Jubilee
  • The Long Walk Home
  • Sentinel
  • SAS borneo
  • SAS Vietnam
  • SAS Counter Terrorism
  • SAS in Timor
  • SAS in Iraq
  • SAS in Afghanistan
  • In His Sights
  • My Mate - Lest We Forget

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