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News & Events | Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Furphies


Furphy. n. (Aust. slang) false report or rumour; absurd story.

The term Furphy, meaning suspect information or rumour originated during World War I through the Australian Army’s use of farm water carts manufactured by the Australian firm Furphy. The water cart drivers, in their travels, collected snippets of information that they passed onto soldiers in the camps and billets they visited. In a short time the presence of the water cart in military camps accompanied by information of a dubious nature or rumours, led to the name FURPHY becoming an indelible part of our language.

Is it true the Special Air Service Regiment has an official photographer?

When necessary, a member of the Regiment or ADF will be appointed to act as an official photographer, however there is not an official photographer on the posted strength of SASR. Unfortunately there have been instances where individuals have claimed formal affiliation with the Australian SAS as an official photographer, grossly misrepresenting their status


News & Events | Frequently Asked Questions