SAS Family

The Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) is very proud of its Regimental Family elements. By supporting them, you support the soldiers of SASR. The Australian SAS family comprises many people and various organisations working together for the Regiment’s benefit. The four primary support organisations are the Australian SAS Association, SAS Resources Fund, SASR Auxiliary, and SAS Historical Foundation..

Australian SAS Association

The Australian Special Air Service Association was formed in the mid-1980s to perpetuate the close comradeship created by past and present members of SASR and to provide support to the Regiment.

The Association comprises a National Secretariat and State Branches. Membership is an entitlement to all former members of the SAS Company, and former and serving members of SASR. The WA Branch has over 600 members and is the custodian of “The House” a former Defence married quarter allocated to the Association for meetings and functions.

The Association provides advice and assistance to past and present members of the SAS and their families and has strong support from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

If you are a serving or past SAS member and would like to join your local SAS Association please email for further information.

SAS Resources Fund

The SAS Resources Trust was formed in 1996 as a result of the Blackhawk helicopter tragedy, which occurred outside Townsville, Queensland on 12 June 1996. In 2012 the Trust was renamed the SAS Resources Fund. The Board of Trustees oversees the SAS Resources Fund, to which charitable donations are made and distributed as required to the various Trusts established to support SASR.

SAS Resources Trust: This Trust is a perpetual Trust Fund which provides relief to current and former members of SASR who become deceased or permanently disabled in or as a result of operational service or in training.

SAS Resources Trust No 2: The Trustees saw a need for a second Trust to allow it to help more members of SASR who did not qualify for assistance under the terms of the Primary Trust.

SAS Resources Trust No 3: This new Trust was established in May 2011 for the purpose of promoting the comfort, recreation and welfare of current serving members of SASR who, in the opinion of the Commanding Officer taking into consideration the mental, physical and emotional welfare of the members, require it as a result of service in the Regiment.

SAS Resources Fund.

SAS Historical Foundation

The SAS Historical Foundation is a public, limited liability, non-profit company with tax exemption and 100% gift deductibility status. The Foundation’s Constitution was registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission in 1998. The Foundation comprises mainly former members of the Australian SAS who manage the SAS Historical Collection on behalf of SASR. The Collection consists of heritage exhibitions displaying the history of the Australian SAS from its inception in 1957 to the present day..

The heritage exhibitions acknowledge the achievements of the Australian SAS, which enhances individual and unit morale and esprit de corps and provides a research and learning facility for SASR members.

Volunteer members of the Foundation who had met specific service parameters from 1998 to 2011 inclusive were awarded a Special Operations Commander Australia Silver Group Commendation in April 2012.

If you are a serving or former SAS member and would like to join the SAS Historical Foundation, please contact us.

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SASR Auxiliary Inc

The SASR Auxiliary was formed in 1965 by partners of soldiers serving in the Regiment to give support and promote friendship among SASR families. This volunteer, not-for-profit organisation, has become a vital component of the Regiment’s informal family support system.

The SASR Auxiliary offers regular opportunities for partners and families to meet through weekly, with occasional weekend, playgroups, social and informative events such as Mother’s Day breakfasts, Halloween Parties, theme nights and parenting seminars. The Auxiliary provides workshops and personal development courses for health and wellbeing for its members and surrounding communities. It also assists charitable and other philanthropic causes. Members receive regular newsletters, which serve as an information source on support staff and broader Defence support activities and services.

If you are a partner or nominated next of kin of a SASR member, why not join the SASR Auxiliary.

“I have learnt that the bond of friendship is very powerful. It fosters community participation and a sense of belonging. Truth is, no formal support structure can compete with support born from the bond of friendship, because in friendship you often do not have to ask for help, it is offered instinctively. I see and hear of this happening every day among the families of SASR Auxiliary members” – Those Who Care for Those Who Dare by Belinda Rowland and Chris McCalman 2007.

For further information please email us:, visit our website: or write to us: SASR Auxiliary C/- Campbell Barracks, Swanbourne WA 6010