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SAS Cartoons

SAS Sculptures and Statues


SAS Sculptures by Robert Hitchcock

Robert Charles Hitchcock (born 18 August 1944) is an Australian sculptor.  He commenced his career in 1970 and works in a wide variety of subjects and materials. Hitchcock is one of the leading portrait sculptors currently working in Australia today. He is known for his life size (and super life size) bronze sculptures which are located in private collections as well as public works of art in Australia and overseas.

In 2006 Hitchcock was commissioned to produce three sculptures of SAS soldiers for the SASR History and Research Centre in conjunction with the 2007 Golden Jubilee Anniversary of the formation of the Australian SAS. In 2012 he was commissioned by the SAS Historical Foundation to produce a bronze sculpture of a military working dog for inclusion in a memorial for dogs that have died during service with SASR.

       This bronze sculpture represents a soldier from the latter years of the SAS Company through to the late 1970s. The soldier is in a military funeral drill position called ‘Rest On Your Arms Reverse’ using the L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle. The sculpture is one of two guarding the entrance to the SASR Garden of Reflection. 

statue 2
This sculpture represents a contemporary SASR soldier in a military funeral drill position called ‘Rest On Your Arms Reverse’ using the F88 Austeyr assault rifle. The sculpture is one of two guarding the entrance to the SASR Garden of Reflection.

sas statuee
The SAS Soldier - Circa 2007

sas dog
The Miltitary Working Dog - 2013


Sculptures by Dan O'Connell

Dan O'Connell is a Western Australian artist whose sculptures are a feature in the gardens of
'The House', the meeting place of the WA Branch of the Australian SAS Association.


The Art of War - Located at 'The House'


If You Desire Peace Prepare For War - Located at 'The House'



SAS Sculpture by Ian Young

Ian Young served for 22 years in the Australian Army, including six years with SASR from where he retired with the rank of Major.
Ian has no formal schooling in fine art but has been financially and artistically successful in creating contemporary designs and sculpture since 1981. Works in bronze, timber, resin, stone, cement and ceramics. Examples can be seen at and exhibits at Yallingup Galleries, Arq, Gadfly, and Studio South in Western Australia.



Winged Dagger By Ian Young



Various SAS Sculptures



Bust of Warrant Officer Class Two Rayene Simpson VC, DCM.
Presented to SASR Sergeants’ Mess by the Regimental Sergeant Major John ‘Blue’ Mulby
in 1982.


SAS Capt

“Carpia Diem”
Bust of SAS Captain.  Presented by Captain Ben Larkey.


sas para

Presented by Captain Paul Netherton Greenhalgh in 1963.